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    Affiliate Programm (Coming soon!)

    We invite all of you to participate in our unique two-level affiliate program! For every new user you have brough to us, we will pay you up to 10 US dollars! (WE DO NOT PAY 10 US dollars, if you are registered under your own affiliate link).
    If another webmaster joined our affiliate program under you and refers new users under him, then you will make another 2 US dollars!
    It is easy and simple:

    1. Fill out our simple registration form
    2. Get your unique html-code and place it on your site
    3. Get up to 10 dollars for every order!
    4. Receive up to 2 dollars for every order made be the referrals of your referrals!

    You can request your money by check or bankremittance directely to your bank account worldwide! Minimumamount for checkpayments is 50 $.

      Why is working with us so favourable?

    1. We offer our clients low prices and highquality service!
    2. Into our package of services enters not only webhosting, but also plenty of additional opportunities, for what many other companies usually require additional payment!
    3. Our servicepackage includes not only web hosting but many other great features and tools for which other companies would charge you additional fees.
    4. We are taking care on your referrals! In case your referrals don't order right now, we store them carefully as your referrals and you will get your bonus as soon as they place orders even if it takes month or years until they have made up their minds!
    5. You can earn good money, too if you just inform your network of webmasterfriends. Let them do the work for you recruiting new referrals and you still earn on your second referral-level for all new orders they bring.
    6. We pay your money not only by checks, but also by bankremittance! All Money will be transferred to your account within three working days!
    7. If you use our webhosting, you can also pay your own hosting fees by the money you have earned from referring other webmasters!

    Attention! It is categorically forbidden to use any kind of SPAM to find new referrals! If you will use SPAM, your account will be immediately removed and you will loose your collected money!